About Us

Shorewood Capital is family-owned and invests the capital of its affiliates in small businesses, venture investments and real estate.  Our ideal holding period is forever, differentiating us from traditional private equity. We use the net cash generated by our holdings to invest in future growth and acquisitions.

We like to acquire majority ownership (51 to 100%) in family-owned small businesses, help them grow, and support them through our team of accountants and financial professionals.  We value the opportunity to partner with operators and/or existing management by aligning our incentives so they can participate in the value they help create.

We also occasionally make minority venture investments in start-ups led by highly effective entrepreneurs with the potential to capture significant market share of a growing and attractive market.

If you are interested in selling us a business, recommending an investment, or joining our growing management team, please connect with us.

Our Core Values

We are committed to excellence through hard work, continuous learning, goal setting, measurement and achievement.

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We want to be proud of our current actions decades from now, because we maintain a high level of integrity, develop meaningful relationships, don’t sacrifice the long-term for the short-term and lead fulfilling lives and careers.

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We foster a meritocratic, transparent, collaborative culture and reward all of our team members according to the value each contributes.

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