Select Majority-Owned Investments

We seek to acquire majority ownership (51 to 100%) in family-owned small businesses, help them grow, and support them through our team of accountants and financial professionals. 

Mars Services is a one-stop provider of plumbing, HVAC, carpet-cleaning, water restoration, pest control, electrical, painting, housekeeping, resurfacing, maintenance, make-ready, trauma scene cleanup, duct cleaning and other services to customers in the residential, multi-family and commercial industries.

Acis Capital Management is a registered investment adviser primarily focused on structured products, issuing over $3 billion of securitizations since inception.

*Registration as an investment adviser does not imply any level of skill or training.

MyHome.Pro is a home services business that offers a total home management solution for homeowners, including appliance repair, pool service, pest control and HVAC services in Dallas, Collin and Denton counties.

Select Venture Investments

We occasionally make minority investments in start-ups led by highly effective entrepreneurs with the potential to capture sign market share of a growing and attractive markets.

Cobalt Fund Services is a fund administrator based in Dallas, Texas. Cobalt provides back-office solutions ranging from full outsourcing to in-house support of emerging and established funds in the alternative investments industry. Cobalt uses an advanced accounting platform and online portal functionality to deliver exceptional client service, which exceeds the manager’s and investor’s needs.

MonetaGo is a financial technology solutions provider that creates proprietary digital platforms for financial institutions to address critical needs and unlock the value of disparate information spread across multiple organizations and data silos.

Supreme Golf is a technology firm that has created the KAYAK of golf tee times. Supreme Golf is the world’s largest and only tee time metasearch engine that allows consumers to compare tee time pricing and reviews from multiple tee time agents and deal sites in one search.  

Numina delivers real-time insights from streets to make cities more responsive. Numina’s standalone sensing and data platform uses computer vision to generate unprecedented flow data about bicyclists, pedestrians, wheelchairs, vehicles, animals, trash, and other objects in streets. Numina partners with city governments, real estate developers, and mobility companies to mount its sensors to light poles, and give planners critical data for designing more walkable, bikeable, efficient, and equitable places.

Nickson is solving the problem of renting space and having to fill it with permanent furniture, and all the pain points that come from having to move belongings that you own for the next temporary space. Nickson is building the cloud for real world assets.

 Includes investments held by affiliates of Shorewood Capital under common control

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